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Good books for the best  planet 
Grandi libri per un pianeta migliore
Bon livres  pour un plančte meilleur

Over the centuries, thousands of books have been written that have changed human lives for the better:
From the Sacred Books to the Greek tragedies, from the Iliad to the Decameron and to Uncle Tom's Hut, 
from Germinal to The Skin or to If This is a Man, from Pinocchio to Animal Farm.
To name just a few of the most widely read. is looking for among those that are written today and that prove to indicate 
new and better ways for mankind to live.
We ask you only to help us to find them  and give the authors the most coveted prize.

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International Literary Prize PLANETBOOKAWARD

   The PLANETBOOKAWARD International Literary Prize is a new reality in the context of literary awards since it was awarded for the first time in 2018, although it has had a long gestation as it was conceived at the dawn of the internet. 

   It was proposed by a group of  users of differente nationalities who met every evening on a forum  to discuss world  facts. The forum suddenly disappeared due to a boycott of what obscure entity is not known, and the participants in those discussions got lost.

    Only recently have a small number of participants in those meetings managed to find each other and the idea of the prize has been relaunched and has been able to come true.

    The prize's motto is "great books for a better planet" and the promoting committee aims to reward authors from all over the world who contribute with their writings to the denunciation of the evils that afflict our societies, and hypothesize new scenarios and objectives of ethical, civil and also economic growth for the men and women of our planet. 

   The selection of texts is open to all, in the sense that anyone can report, by email or on the web pages of  promoting club ( the book that according to their way of seeing deserves recognition.  The final choice of the winner is left to a small editorial staff of experts, obviously taking into the consideration the reports received.  


has been assigned to the well-known researcher Marta Fana 
for her book "Non č lavoro č sfruttamento", which in a short time has become the most authoritative, lucid and irreverent denunciation of the new jungle of precariousness, existing in the modern world of work.

  This book describes The systematic theft of rights, wages and welfare, already the prerogative of the working classes, which achieves the only results of creating new tax havens, and to increase the booty of the privileged few by the political and business castes that govern us.

  In perspective and certainly unintentionally, the book brings to mind the dramatic prophecies of a near future world, already evident, composed of alienated servants and masters, prisoners of their role, aimed at producing the greatest quantity of goods at the lowest cost, and that nevertheless many still struggle to buy, while no one puts a stop to the dangers of ending, both, in a world reduced to a smelly-smelling landfill crowded with hungry outcasts.  


č stato assegnato
al Dr. Paolo Flores D'Arcais
per il suo libro
"Questione di vita o di morte"

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1)  The  award  is   every  year,  a certificate  of  merit  for  authors  chosen  by  the  Forum  and  by  the jury  of  the  prize  itself.  Cultural  operators  and  publishers  readers  may  report  in  the  forum  the  book  and  the  author  who  consider  worthy  of  the  award, 

2) The book may have been originally written in any language
by authors still living on the date of recognition of the prize,

3) Must have been translated into  one of the following tree languages: French, English, Italian, and also published also in one of these countries;

4) alerts for the 2020 must arrive within the 30.11.2020 through the forum attached to the site;

5) The prizes will be awarded among the books will have more reports et after the final exam of more experts to choose from each year;

6)  No financial contribution is requested from authors or publishers;

7) Anyone can send a support contribution and their name will be reported,
IF REQUESTED, among the supporters of  award;

8) The chosen autors will have news of his winnings and will have no obligation towards the prize, which can be refused;

9) Over time these clauses may be extended or modified to the sole unquestionable decision of the promoters and the general secretary;

the BEST



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